Sen. Ed Harbison Appointed to Serve on the Senate COAM Study Committee

ATLANTA (August 18, 2020) | Sen. Ed Harbison (D – Columbus) was appointed by Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan last week to serve on the Senate COAM Study Committee.

“The formation of this committee was a bipartisan effort that cleared the Senate with overwhelming support,” said Sen. Harbison. “It is imperative that lawmakers reexamine the guidelines surrounding the COAM industry to ensure that all rules and regulations set forth by the Georgia Lottery are properly met. I am grateful that Lt. Governor Duncan has entrusted me to serve in this capacity.”          

The other Senate members appointed to serve on this committee are as follows:

Senator John F. Kennedy, Chairman (R – Macon)

Senator Brandon Beach (R – Alpharetta)

Senator Brian Strickland (R – McDonough)

Senator Larry Walker (R – Perry)

Pursuant to Senate Resolution 1024, this committee was formed to examine the regulations surrounding Coin Operated Amusement Machines (COAM) in Georgia. To read the full text of SR 1024, please visit: