Committee Service

Harbison WellThroughout his time in the Senate, Senator Harbison has served on a number committees. Senator Harbison is currently Chairman of the State Institutions and Property Committee. He is the ranking member of the Banking and Financial Institutions, Insurance and Labor, Interstate Cooperation, Reapportionment and Redistricting, and Ethics committees. He also serves as Vice Chairman of Veterans, Military and Homeland Security committee and is Ex-Officio of the Regulated Industries and Utilities committee.

Committees within the Georgia General Assembly play an essential role to our legislative process. The committee does what the Senate and the House of Representatives could not do as well by functioning as a whole.  Therefore, each member of the General Assembly sits on numerous committees. Once a bill is brought forth by a legislator, the bill is assigned to a committee for further review. The committee is responsible for completing the initial groundwork of what the legislation is intended to do. Committee members often call experts in the respective subject area to testify on behalf or against the proposed legislation. Once in committee the bill may have a hearing where the committee votes to move the bill forward or not.

Legislative Process Booklet

Senator Harbison is honored to serve on the following Senate committees:
State Institutions and Property– Chairman

 The Committee on State Institutions & Property has general jurisdiction over legislation related to construction and maintenance of buildings, lands, and other property owned or managed by the State of Georgia.

Veterans, Military and Homeland Security– Vice-Chairman

The Committee on Veterans, Military & Homeland Security has general jurisdiction over legislation related to Georgia’s Department of Defense, military personnel, Department of Homeland Security, emergency response organizations, and organizations providing service to military veterans.

Banking and Financial Institutions– Member

The Committee on Banking & Financial Institutions has general jurisdiction over financial institutions, real property finance, and corporate securities law.

Ethics– Member

The Committee on Ethics has general jurisdiction over ethical issues relating to the Senate, governmental entities, and public officials, as well as election and voting issues. The committee is authorized by statute to independently investigate allegations of ethics violations made by the general public (O.C.G.A. 45-10-90 et seq.) or by staff.

Insurance and Labor– Member

The Committee on Insurance & Labor has general jurisdiction over insurance, workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation. Committee jurisdiction also includes child labor, convict labor, labor standards, and labor disputes.

Interstate Cooperation– Member

The Committee on Interstate Cooperation is established by statute (O.G.G.A. 28-6-1) and has general jurisdiction over issues concerning the relations between Georgia and other states, as well as any matter that involves collaboration between states.

Reapportionment and Redistricting– Member

The Committee on Reapportionment & Redistricting is responsible for creating and updating state and congressional district lines in accordance with data from the United States Census.

Regulated Industries and Utilities– Ex-Offici0

The Committee on Regulated Industries & Utilities has general jurisdiction over legislation related to utilities such as gas, electricity and telecommunications. It also may consider legislation related to some regulate and licensed professionals as well as legislation related to regulated products such as alcoholic beverages.