Bill Allowing Military Experience to Count for Technical College Academic Credit Gains Senate Approval

ATLANTA (February 17 , 2015)  |  Sen. Ed Harbison (D – Columbus) sponsored Senate Bill 18, a bill that allows the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) to accept prior work experience and skills learned through the Military for academic credit. SB 18 passed the Georgia Senate today by a vote of 53-0. SB 18 ensures that members of Georgia’s military have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained through their service to their academic careers.

“Georgia must provide every opportunity for the men and women who serve in our military to advance their academic careers,” said Sen. Harbison. “Georgia’s military members have received world class training and education in their respective fields. These men and women who have made immense sacrifices for our country deserve to be given the opportunity to put these valuable skills to use in our workforce. Allowing Technical Colleges to grant academic credit for knowledge gained through military service gives deserving veterans in Georgia an additional pathway to a successful future.”

SB 18 will now head to the House of Representatives for consideration.