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March 2013


District 15 

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Sen. Harbison is an advocate for military families,  adequate health care and safe communities for all residents. 


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Sen. Harbison Leads Passage of Resolution to Protect Fort Benning



Sen. Ed Harbison led the unanimous passage of Senate Resolution 201 which asks the Department of the Army carefully consider the socioeconomic impact the Programmatic Environmental Assessment for Army 2020 Force Restructuring will have on Fort Benning.


"The proposed cuts to the Department of the Army would have a devastating effect on the people of the 15th district and

surrounding areas," said Sen. Harbison.  "Fort Benning is essential to the economic vitality of Columbus and we must call on our elected officials in Washington to halt any reduction in active duty and civilian personnel."


According to the Assessment, a reduction of 7,100 active duty and civilian personnel would result in a 17,815 loss in total population, which represents a 5.74 percent decrease in the region, a 3.16 percent loss of sales volume, a 4.99 percent drop in regional income, and 5.94 percent loss in regional non-farm employment, which has the potential to affect low-income populations the most negatively.





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Senator Ed Harbison 

Georgia Senate

432 State Capitol 

Atlanta, Georgia 30334 

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Sen. Harbison Celebrates and Co-Sponsors CAP Day at the Capitol


 Sen. Harbison pictured above with Col. Tonya Boylan


Sen Harbison along with Sens. Barry Loudermilk (R-Cassville), Bill Heath (R-Bremen), Judson Hill (R-Marietta)  and Chuck Hufstetler (R-Rome) sponsored Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Day at the State Capitol this month. 


Major Scott Westbrook,  who serves as Chaplain to the Georgia Wing CAP, also served as Senate Chaplain of the Day. 



Georgia Wing Commander Col. Tonya Boylan, the first female Wing Commander in Georgia, was present along with additional  officers and cadets from Georgia Wing CAP. 


Civil Air Patrol was formed during WWII by pilots who wanted to serve  the Air Force but couldn't. The contributions of CAP included logging more than 500,000 flying hours, sinking two enemy submarines, and saving hundreds of crash victims during World War II. In 1948, Congress permanently  established CAP as an auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force.-SR 429





Senate Passes State Columbus Redevelopment Powers Law



Sen. Harbison led the passage of House Bill 414, which authorizes Columbus to exercise all restoration powers permitted under the Redevelopment Powers Law.  The State Senate passed the bill with a vote of 48-1.


"This piece of legislation is a great step in making essential improvements in the Columbus area," said Sen. Harbison.  "As our infrastructure continues to age, this bill will serve as a way to make necessary enhancements to our community.  It will also open the door for numerous economic development projects that will continue to revitalize the economy in our portion of the state."


This legislation amends the State Constitution to authorize the consolidated government of Columbus to exercise all reinvestment and other powers permitted under the Redevelopment Powers Law.  Such powers include undertaking and carrying out community redevelopment, creating tax allocation districts, and issuing tax allocation bonds.


HB 414 now heads to the Governor's desk for his approval to become law.




Chipper Jones Visits State Senate


Atlanta Braves legend Chipper Jones visited the State Senate. Senate Resolution 419 declared March 5, 2013 'Chipper Jones Day' at the Capitol. 



Thank you for reading "Headlines with Senator Harbison" and providing your feedback. I believe an informed citizenry ensures accountability and transparency on all levels of government. "Headlines with Senator Harbison" is a monthly, nonpartisan e-publication featuring state and local government news as well as community events. 


In your service, 

Ed Harbison

The Muscogee County Democratic Party announces the 2012 recipients of the Jack T. Brinkley Sr. Service Award. This award is a tribute to Jack Brinkley, Sr., the first honoree of this award, in appreciation for his long and faithful service as a delegate in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The recipients for 2012 are: Dr. A.J. Kravtin, a respected and well-loved retired pediatrician; the State Rep. Debbie G. Buckner, known for her tireless efforts on behalf of the preservation of Georgia's natural treasures; and Sen. Ed Harbison, a long-time member of the Georgia legislature, a veteran of Vietnam and a staunch champion of veterans and their issues. The awards will be presented at the annual Jefferson Jackson Gala, held by the Muscogee County Democractic Party at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center, Monday, Oct. 8. The keynote speaker will be U.S. Rep. James E. Clyburn, assistant Democratic leader of the 112th Congress.


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Closing in on 20 years as a lawmaker, state Sen. Ed Harbison is seeking another term, but his opponent David Brown believes it's time for fresh ideas.

Harbison, a Democrat, will square off against Brown, a Republican, in the Nov. 6 General Election to select a leader for the seven-county district that includes part of Muscogee and all of Chattahoochee, Marion, Schley, Macon, Taylor and Talbot counties.


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Three years ago, John Pezold passed on a chance to run against Kip Smith for a seat in the Georgia House. Tuesday night, Pezold unseated Smith in a tight District 133 race.

Pezold won by less than 400 votes over the incumbent in the Republican primary. Both men, who live in north Columbus, were battling to represent a district that stretches through Harris County into Troup County. There is no Democratic opposition so Pezold will take the seat when the General Assembly goes back into session in January.


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Sen. Harbison Champions Veterans Legislation ATLANTA (March 7, 2012) –

      Senator Ed Harbison (D-Columbus) led the unanimous passage of Senate Bill 473 which will extend the eligibility for Purple Heart license tags to include service members on active duty or in reserves.
     “Men and women throughout the entire state have made great sacrifices for our country by serving in our armed forces,” said Sen. Harbison.  “I was disheartened to discover that recipients of this distinguished award had to wait until retirement to receive their license tag.  I am proud that my colleagues in the Senate supported this measure to honor veterans both past and present.”

     Ms. Kim Kapacziewski, of Columbus, GA, brought this issue to Sen. Harbison earlier this legislative session.  Her husband, SFC Kapacziewski, is a veteran amputee still serving in the armed forces.  He was given his Purple Heart license tag but was asked to return it when the Georgia Department of Veteran Services realized he was still active personnel.

     Currently, the Purple Heart license tag is only available to discharged veterans who received a Purple Heart citation. By amending the definition of a “Veteran,” this legislation expands availability of the tag to include recipients who are currently serving on active duty or in the reserves.

For Immediate Release:
March 7, 2012

Senator Harbison’s Fallen Veterans Bill Passes Senate

ATLANTA (Feb. 19, 2010) –

     Sen. Ed Harbison’s (D-Columbus) Fallen Veterans Bill (SB 355) overwhelmingly passed Senate on Thursday.  The bill designates that a deceased veteran’s remains go to the individual listed on their U.S. Department of Defense Record of Emergency Data or DD Form 93.  This bill will alleviate any discrepancies among family members regarding the final resting place of the deceased veteran.   

“I’ve seen so many families struggling to decide where the final resting place should be for their fallen solider. With the passage of this bill, families will no longer have to deal with this issue while grieving the loss of a loved one,” said Sen. Harbison.  “This bill can take away some of the stress families go through in making this difficult decision and hopefully aid in the healing process.”

    Sen. Harbison served in the Vietnam War and uses his experiences as a veteran to craft meaningful and innovative legislation to benefit military families.  The bill will now go onto the House for voting.


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